CENTRIC- David Freund

UCF alumnus David Freund has figured out the ins and outs of travel and has made his passion for it his life's work by starting his own travel company called Globalized Citizen.

Taking a moment to enjoy the Thai coastline is all just a part of the job for David Freund.

“Caves over beaches; perfectly clear water; it’s the most beautiful place I’ve probably ever been,” said Freund.

The UCF alumnus took his passion for his traveling abroad, especially to Thailand, and created his own business that has now turned into a fast growing travel company: Globalized Citizen.

“At first I thought I was going to start a travel club at UCF,” said Freund. “But I realized that we could do a lot more as a business and our experiences could be much more culturally immerse if we had a company.”

After graduating high school, Freund began traveling to different countries on his own and, in that same year, he took his passion and knowledge for travel to create his business.

“In 2015 I brought the first group along with me, and, from there, that is what led into our global trips,” said Freund.

What started as a three-month trip around the world with five students has turned into a successful business that will be taking 180 travelers on tours to Thailand throughout the summer of 2017.

“You learn something new from every business,” said Freund. “For an entrepreneur or somebody who is just sitting on an idea and wants to do something—just start. You’ll see that the idea that you start with is completely different from the idea you end up with.”

Freund gets his knowledge from the experiences he’s had through his many entrepreneurial ventures throughout the years. He even had his own lawn mowing company when he was in fifth grade.

“David’s whole world revolves around travel and being an entrepreneur,” said Jazmin Arreola, a Valencia student who has traveled with Globalized Citizen. “Building his company is definitely something that he focuses on more than anything, but he doesn’t focus all on himself; he likes to help others as well. You can always find him at UCF LaunchPad giving advice to other people who are trying to figure out their next step in growing their business.”

Globalized Citizen offers tours for people ages 18-34 to a variety of countries with the most common destination being Thailand.

“It’s hard to choose a favorite place I’ve been to because each place is different in its own way,” said Freund. “But if I had to choose, it’s probably be Maya Bay in Thailand. Thailand is great because I find it to be crazy in a good way; it’s full of backpackers and even if you’re traveling solo it’s a place you can go to and meet so many different people from around the world.

The natural beauty and wonder that David finds in Thailand inspires him to keep his company growing.

“There are so many beautiful places in the world,” said Freund. “That’s where I see Globalized Citizen expanding and making it easier for college students to see these beautiful exotic locations.”

Globalized Citizen will be expanding its trip options with European and Southeast Asia adventures for 2017 and 2018, and will be releasing an e-book Nov. 1, with tips for travel, where to stay and how to travel in college.

“Travel to me is life,” said Freund. “It a compilation of what I’ve learned and all the experiences I’ve had, and every time I go out and travel I somehow keep developing as a human being. Travel to me is the product of who I am today.”

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