Everyone looks for something different when searching for a good place to study, and most people like consistency with a little bit of variety. According to how-to-study.com, there are nine questions you must be able to answer “yes” to in order to find a good study spot . UCF has provided a variety of locations to support any avid studier’s environmental needs. Each of these locations can meet a student’s specific needs as listed in the how-to-study.com list.

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  • “The best spot is the fourth floor in the back corner of the library. It actually has a tendency to be quieter than the fifth.”
    • Bryan Gulick,a senior studying accounting
  •  “I love the second floor of the union because there is still life going on around you, so you know there is a world outside your books.”
    • Lauren Croft, a sophomore studying legal studies
  •  “There’s a bench outside between Burnett Honors College and VAB that I like to go to when I need to get a chapter of reading done. It’s nice because it’s outside with people but not too many, and it’s in the shade. It’s really serene.”
    • Ryan Carrigan, a senior studying interdisciplinary studies
  • “Technology Commons because it’s like a hidden gem. It’s great for focusing.”
    • Marae Watkins, a junior studying health sciences
  • “I like the fountain when it’s nice outside because it’s relaxing with the perfect level of noise.”
    • Courtney Canatsey, a senior studying English
  •  “All Knight Study by the Arena is great because it’s small and usually quiet.”
    • Briana Melnick, a sophomore studying hospitality
  •  “In engineering at night, you can go in and use a room, which has the white boards and that can help a lot.”
    • Jee Shum, a super senior studying biomedical sciences and interdisciplinary studies
  • “In my living room in the Towers because I’m still alone, but I don’t feel caught in my room. It’s decorated nicely, so it’s comforting.”         
    • Tyler Maragh, a freshman, management and marketing
  • “Technology Commons because I can bum a computer and their conference rooms are really nice too.”
    • Eric Owen,  a junior studying computer engineerin
  •  “Marketplace or Knightros is the best place to study because you can snack continuously throughout the day and only pay once.”
    • o   Lauren Brewer, a 2012 UCF alumna with a degree in accounting

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